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Billy Harvey Artist Photo

Billy Harvey releases new album “Dear Danger”, July 10th

Billy Harvey has returned with what is surely his most honest and inspiring collection of songs to date!

Who is Billy Harvey?

He is a producer…

Bob Schneider, Charlie Mars, Slaid Cleaves, Louise Goffin, and currently Luke Wade (Season 7 of The Voice)

He is a musician…

The Courtyard Hounds, Patty Griffin, and The Forest Rangers (Sons of Anarchy Soundtrack)

He is an actor…

Strings, The Taiwan Oyster, A Slipping Down Life, and Fluidic (currently in post production)

Oh…and last year he wrote a critically acclaimed book of poetry, “The Orienteer”.

But mostly…he is a singer songwriter, and that is what this is about.

Harvey’s NEW CD entitled “Dear Danger,” plays like a Dear John letter to the perils and pitfalls of “any day” life.

“This time around I wanted to write songs about the ‘you’ not the ‘me’…which in retrospect, reinforced the ‘US’ in all of them.”

The result of this motivation is that the listener is taken on a personal, yet imminently relatable journey over the course of the record .

With titles like “Crossing The Desert”, “All For You”, “Guilty All The Time”, and “We Are Giants”, the theme of “Dear Danger,” is hard to go unnoticed. It’s about struggle, it’s about loyalty, it’s about humanity, and ultimately it’s about victory.

“I always thought you ‘hang in there’ long enough and you eventually get to what you’re leaning toward.”

“Dear Danger,” will be released July 10th, and yes, the comma is part of the title.

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