Digital Distribution

We provide full-service solutions for delivering your music and video to consumers through all major internet music stores, plus digital jukeboxes, direct-to-fan and on-demand destinations. DMM is everywhere you need to be.

Key benefits to using our service include:

  • 2-year non-exclusive agreement
  • Accurate and timely royalty statements
  • Quarterly accounting
  • Retail merchandising and Promotion
  • Audio and video encoding

Internet Marketing and Promotion

We offer Retail Marketing to key Digital Service Providers, plus Streaming Radio Promotion to on-line radio which ensures your music is receiving  the broadest opportunity for exposure and sales.

Digital Music Marketing works directly with representatives at on-line retail sites such as Amazon MP3, eMusic, Google Play and iTunes to secure opportunities for merchandising and feature placement.

These include:

  • Home and genre page placement
  • New release and noteworthy features
  • Sale price offers
  • Download promotions
  • Exclusives
  • Site and event specific merchandising

Social Media Marketing

We enable you to extend your artist’s reach through direct communication and involvement with your fans. We utilize tools from top social media destinations including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and more.

We interact with new and existing fans through these channels to create such opportunities as:

  • Music discovery, sharing and recommendation
  • Build fan base and collect email for direct marketing purposes
  • Gather important information about your fanbase
  • Drive sales

Direct-To-Fan Marketing

We give artists and labels many new channels to build direct relationships and interact with their fans. We work with the latest technology platforms including: Bandcamp, Fanbridge, Nimbit, Roots Music and Topspin.

Benefits include:

  • Analytical integration
  • Campaign development and execution
  • Fulfilment services
  • List management
  • Marketing maintenance
  • Promotions, search and PPC advertising.