1320 Records is a Denver based label started and owned by the band STS9.  Although the band initially began the label as an outlet to release their own recordings, 1320 has gone on to become one of the preeminent Electronic labels in America.  Their roster includes members such as: Alex B,  Ample Mammal,  Archnemesis,  Bassnectar, Bass Science, Big Gigantic, Bluetech, Calmer, Chron4, Collective Efforts, Count Bass D, Daedelus, Dark Party, DubConscious, Eliot Lipp, Emancipator, Eskamon, Eskmo, Future Rock, FuzZ, Hefty! Records, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, James Christopher, Jellyfish Brigade, John Hughes, Knowa KnowOne, Lowpro, Lounge Mansions, On The Moon, Mochipet, Nalepa, Nosaj Thing, Ott Pnuma Trio, Prefuse 73 , Pretty Lights, ProJect Aspect, Rena Jones, Rootz vs. Murphy, Russ Liquid, Savage Henry, Savath & Savalas Souleye, St Andrew, STS9, sub-ID, Super Galactic Expansive, Telepath, Telefon, Tel Aviv, The Bins, The Flying Skulls, The Glitch Mob, The Great Mundane, The Polish Ambassador, Two Fresh, Unlimited Aspect, Unlimited Gravity, Up Until Now, Virtual Boy, and Welder.  Look for a new release from STS9 in late 2015 or early 2016.