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Record Industry Adopts New Music Fridays

New Music Fridays to begin July 10th.  Digital Music Marketing joins the International Music Community in changing its New Release Day to Fridays, a move that will unify release dates globally as New Music Fridays. ‪#‎NewMusicFridays‬

From the IFPI Website: “The move, implemented by labels, retailers and artists internationally, means that fans in many countries will no longer have to wait for days to get access to newly-released tracks and albums”

“Up until now, music has been released on different days of the week in various countries – from Mondays in markets such as France and the UK, through Tuesdays in the US and Canada and to Fridays in markets such as Australia and Germany. That will change on 10th July when new music will be released on Fridays at 00:01 local time around the world.”

“The move will mean fans can now get new music on the same day worldwide rather than having to wait for their own national release day.”

Think Friday, think new music…






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