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Greta Gaines Releases New EP “Tumbleweed” June16, 2017

ATHENS, GA –The Nashville-based singer/songwriter GRETA GAINES will release here 6th recording, a 7-song EP entitled “Tumbleweed,” on her own Big Air Records on June 16, 2017.

Champion snowboarder, fly-fisherman, singer/songwriter, TV host, sportscaster, spokesperson – these are the career accomplishments of the dynamic Greta Gaines. A renaissance woman with an appetite for pushing limits and breaking barriers, Gaines won the first Women’s Extreme Snowboarding Championship in 1992, launching her as a recognizable figure in the sports world. Soon after, she began hosting sports and music Festivals for MTV and television programs for ESPN. In 1999, alongside Oxygen Media, she created “Freeride With Greta Gaines,” a series dedicated to lifestyle, music, extreme sports, and the environment.

In that same year, she launched her own record label, Big Air Records, and released her eponymous debut album. Since then, she has toured alongside esteemed musicians such as Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, and Sheryl Crow and has shared the stage with legends like John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson.

“Tumbleweed” was recorded in Nashville with long-time musical partner and engineer Eric Fritsch. The 7 original songs explore themes of nostalgia and individual liberty in a complex and sometimes frightening contemporary world. The album is smooth and sexy with a soulful southern rock vibe; a mature look back at a life lived to the fullest. Lyrically rich and musically nuanced, “Tumbleweed” grapples with some of Gaines’ favorite topics of discussion–freedom, longing, and the power of song to heal. A long time advocate for the reformation of marijuana laws and a proponent for the use of cannabis oil and hemp bi-products, Gaines will donate 100% of the download sales from the bonus track “Light It Up” to NORML, Patients Out Of Time and Tennesseans United.

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