We provide full service solutions for delivering your music and video to consumers though all major internet music stores plus digital jukeboxes, direct-to-fan and on-demand destinations. DMM is everywhere you need to be. Our current outlets include 7Digital, Amazon MP3, AMI Entertainment, Beatport, DeezereMusic, Google Play, GuveraiTunes, MediaNetOmniphone/Qriocity, Rhapsody, SpotifyTouchTunes Interactive Networks, Vevo, YouTube, Groove,  and more.

We take a personalized, high quality approach to your digital distribution. We provide individual consultation and delivery support to ensure your releases are always a priority for streetdate. The following breakout details our Digital Distribution Services and our commitment to doing the best job possible, for you and your project.


We provide digital encoding of your music in all popular (and not so popular) formats – wav, aiff, mp3, wma, flac, ape, wavepack and ogg. We can provide lossless or lossy digital files in most any bitrate.  DMM is happy to supply digital audio for all of your project needs.

Music Video

Digital Music Marketing creates a broadcast quality digital archive of your music video(s). Once your master has been archived, we’re  able to create a flexible range of file formats for the Internet, as well as for DVD and CD ROM (Quicktime, Windows Media, Real Player, MPEG1 and more). We can also provide standard tape duplication and overnight or standard delivery in any and all formats including,  DigiBeta, Beta Sp, DV Cam and more.

Data Management

DMM provides helpful guidance and a detailed, comprehensive delivery checklist that will answer most all your questions about the information (metadata) we require for digital delivery of your titles.  We take your metadata seriously and DMM will  take the time to walk you through the process to insure your album information is accurate and complete.  Missing or incorrect information could keep your artist from showing up in a store search, or a bad genre listing may cause missed opportunities in the music discovery process. These are just a couple examples of the importance of making sure your metadata is tight. On the flip side of the coin, a lack of information isn’t good either.  There are many music information sources on the web. An important handful of these companies are commercial data (album information) providers whose service is to supply your track listing, liner notes, cover art etc., to some of the largest retail destinations on the internet such as iTunes and eMusic. Digital Music Marketing works with all the leading companies to make sure your information is receiving the broadest coverage possible. These include;

All Music Guide
Audible Magic
Gracenote (CDDB & Music ID)

Retail Merchandising and Promotion

Your title (s) are included in the DMM new release sheet which is also pitched during our scheduled sales calls with programming and content representatives at each of the digital outlets.  We also feature your releases on our company website and our social network destinations. In addition to the distribution support mentioned above, DMM offers optional Internet Marketing and Promotion (iMAP) services to help build your campaign.